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Guangdong Yang Cheng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is located in China's stainless steel production base in Nanhai District of Foshan City, Shishan Xiaotang Industrial Park, is a professional production of high-end stainless steel pipe machine and ancillary equipment of large manufacturers. The company has advanced CNC machining equipment and experienced (Taiwan, the mainland) of the technical team, has developed a series of high-end intelligent pipe machine. Mr. Chen Jiu-cheng, chairman of the company as early as 1989 began to develop and produce stainless steel pipe machine, with the leading domestic and foreign experience in pipe welding equipment and the spirit of professional innovation, "Yang Cheng" pipe machine has been close to the market development, deep By the majority of users trust.

"Yangcheng" brand stainless steel pipe machine has been a leading product in the stainless steel industry for more than 20 years. Its "high precision, high speed, high stability, high durability, low cost" and other superior quality and superior mechanical properties, Has been widely recognized by the industry, is the large-scale stainless steel pipe production enterprises preferred equipment supporting partners, partners, including Haley, Midea, Wanjia Hong, Hengxing, Lion King and many other large enterprises. Quality of the lead, creating a "positive-card" stainless steel pipe machine ahead of the performance, the products are exported to Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Dubai, Russia and other countries!

Looking to the future, Guangdong Yang Cheng will continue to "integrity, quality, excellence, innovation, professional, hard-working" business philosophy for the majority of stainless steel enterprises to provide the best quality service!

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